About CSS Minifier
CSS Minifier, as the name implies, is a tool that is used to minimize your CSS instructions. A couple of years ago, people could just wish that there was a tool that they could use for minimizing their CSS codes. Today, there is not just one but many tools available that you can use to minify CSS online. CSS Minifier is a magic tool that many developers use in order to reduce the size of their CSS codes and beautify CSS online. It is the best practice and an advanced tool through which developers generate a beautified version of their project and enhance the speed of their website. Eventually, merging all the CSS files of a website into a single file, speeds up the download time as well.

Minification vs. Gzipping
Gzipping is a procedure just like minification that can help you to reduce the size of your codes, however, these are two different things that serve the same purpose. Both of these practices are applied to the assets on your website such as .css and .js files, reducing the size of the file and making it more efficient for navigating through the network between browsers and servers.

Minification involves things like removal of whitespaces, comments, non-required semicolons and minimizing the hex code lengths while keeping the file as a perfect code which can be read and used by the browser the same way as it could use the original file.

Gzipping, on the other hand, identifies all the repetitive strings and replace them with pointers to the first instance of the string. Gzipping can be done directly by the server, once the server is configured to it, there isn’t any ongoing work needed to be done and gzipping is done automatically.

CSS Minifier will help you in
If you are browsing through websites for CSS minifier or CSS optimizer then you must somehow be involved in web development. Most likely, you are already aware of how search engines use speed of a web page as one of the parameters for the evaluation of your website. Minifying CSS with the help of any CSS optimizer, is one of the many options that could be used for increasing site speed. The main objective for CSS minifier could be the enhancement of the speed of a website. Minimization makes the script smaller which results in faster download time. Many developers also utilize this tool to minify CSS online and for the obfuscation of their codes, making it difficult to read the code and hence, even more hard to copy or reverse engineering.